This summer was my first away from home. I stayed on campus as an RA. That being my only commitment, I would make plans to travel back home a few times a month, due to feelings of homesickness. The trip from Burlington, Vermont to Bloomfield, New York is quite long and boring. Although there are... Continue Reading →


If there’s anything to know about Iceland, it’s that everything smells like eggs. It’s because of sulfur in the water or something and the only real harm is that you smell less fresh when you get out of the shower than you did when you got in it, believe it or not. Over spring break,... Continue Reading →

New York Protest

Saturday, November 12th · 1pm · 1 Pierrepont Plaza, Brooklyn, NY "Fuck Hillary!" That's what I heard shouted out of a truck in front of Hillary Clinton's headquarters at two female volunteers from the campaign.  The women didn't even flinch.  They were focused on moving everything from their desks to their cars.  Hillary had lost.... Continue Reading →

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