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Saturday, November 12th · 1pm · 1 Pierrepont Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

“Fuck Hillary!”

That’s what I heard shouted out of a truck in front of Hillary Clinton’s headquarters at two female volunteers from the campaign.  The women didn’t even flinch.  They were focused on moving everything from their desks to their cars.  Hillary had lost.  They didn’t need to be there anymore.

We searched for more volunteers.  There was no way to get upstairs since no one worked there now.  Everyone was packing up and moving out.

There was a man who worked in analytics for the campaign.  He seemed…approachable.  It’s hard to say I wasn’t intimidated by volunteers wearing Hillary shirts after witnessing two of them stand their ground when they were harassed from a car.  The guy answered some of our questions. How do you feel about the protestors? What could we have done to prevent a Trump win? Are you giving up?  Honestly, it sucked interviewing them.  They were so bummed, and they had a right to be.  No one was excited anymore.


We almost gave up.  There was no motivation to try and find a protest.  Right when we were about to head back to Midtown, we saw some writing in front of the headquarters.

Dear Hillary do not be sad.  If you won you would be a fabulous president.  We love you.  Love Karina Rodriguez.

The motivation was back.


Saturday, November 12th · 9pm · 725 5th Ave, New York, NY

The block of 5th Avenue where Trump Tower sits was blocked off from cars by the New York Police Department.  They couldn’t prevent anyone from their freedom of speech.  A large group of people stood in front of the building and screamed at it in unison.

My body, my choice!

Donald Trump, go away—racist, sexist, anti-gay!

We are the popular vote!

The protest walked to every building owned by Trump in the borough of Manhattan.  We walked for almost four miles with them, and we got there late.  Nothing stopped them from speaking their mind.  Cars would honk in agreement, and cops would send a smile their way every so often.  I had never been a part of something so empowering, so expressive.

Donald Trump has already been tweeting about how the protests are annoying him.  He has even complained that the episodes of Saturday Night Live this past Saturday and the Saturday before hurt his feelings.  Sorry, Mr. Trump, but no one is looking out for your emotions anymore.  The people, united, will never be defeated.

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