The Lakehouse

When I was three years old, a family friend helped us drive our aging camper down the pitted driveway while I sat in the front seat with my mother, watching the tree branches reach out toward the glass of the windows in the eerie yellow light of headlights. We settled it down beneath an old,... Continue Reading →

Your Horoscope for the Month

Aries (March 21- April 19) Pay day is right around the corner and your Amazon wishlist is stocked! Treat yourself to all three Kylie lip kits—I mean you didn’t miss a single class this week, and it was raining yesterday. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) It’s no way to go about life living in... Continue Reading →

The Holy Day the Day We Made For God

We see red cardinals mostly in the winter when they’re the only thing that's not white on the back porch bird feeder. They are bright, blood on white, red lipstick for the first time on a fair face like Emma Stone. Female cardinals have a duller brown color, with tails and wings that lack the same.... Continue Reading →

The Five Best Songs on “More Life”

After a few delays, Drake’s long-awaited playlist “More Life” made its worldwide debut on March 18th. Despite the discussions about Drake declining musically in recent years, his popularity continues to soar. Mere days after Drake became the first artist to reach 10 billion streams on Spotify, “More Life” kept the momentum going by obliterating single-day... Continue Reading →

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