From Hostel to High Life

Written by Gillian English It smelled absolutely putrid. It was as if twelve men had run a marathon through a swamp and put their sneakers in a microwave. And then maybe took a shit inside the sneakers too, just for fun. That was what the hostel smelled like. It was a hostel located in Greenwich,... Continue Reading →

What #MeToo Means

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a woman right now, in a time when our president has been accused of sexual assault and women’s health is a hot topic in legislation. I’m living in a time where women have come together, not just because they want to, but because they... Continue Reading →

Toilet Talk

When I first when to the male’s bathroom, I was very strategic about it. I decided to go in the middle of a class time on the fourth floor of the CCM building, which doesn’t have a lot of classrooms on it in the first place. To my relief, the bathroom was empty, and I... Continue Reading →


If there’s anything to know about Iceland, it’s that everything smells like eggs. It’s because of sulfur in the water or something and the only real harm is that you smell less fresh when you get out of the shower than you did when you got in it, believe it or not. Over spring break,... Continue Reading →

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