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This summer was my first away from home. I stayed on campus as an RA. That being my only commitment, I would make plans to travel back home a few times a month, due to feelings of homesickness. The trip from Burlington, Vermont to Bloomfield, New York is quite long and boring. Although there are many beautiful scenes throughout Vermont and the Adirondacks, the trip back consists of multiple things that seem like bad omens. Once I arrived home, I would typically remember reasons why I wanted to be in Burlington, and start to get sick of home. Then the cycle restarts.

These series of trips did something to me. They quickly began to blur the line of what “home” meant, and where I felt it most. All of these places–Burlington, Bloomfield, and the roads between them–began to evoke some sense of “home” to me. This series of images is meant to emphasize the dilemma I experienced this summer and explore how some of the the strangest things can evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity.

This photo essay can be experienced from beginning to end, or in the opposite direction.

I. Burlington

This place has been my “home away from home” for over two years. How can it feel like home? This section of images looks to answer this question, but also show how the queen city sometimes had the ability to push me away.



II. Journey

Places that exhibit loneliness and isolation have the ability to push people away. These traits tend to seem uninviting. As part of the journey, are these signs meant to propel me forward, of push me back? Journey looks at this question, and directs you forward along the path.


III. Bloomfield

Being back in such a familiar place can make things start to feel routine. Although these people and places were ordinary for me, these images help emphasize that they may otherwise may be unusual. This also contrasts how certain things that may not be enjoyable can still provoke nostalgic or sentimental feelings.


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