Proof Climate Change is Real

Club Penguin is shutting down. God, that was hard to say. I’ve been trying to find the exact words to use for weeks, but I think that just about does it. Since 2010, our Earth’s average temperature has gone up by 400%. Wind is only a product of the fire-breathing dragon down the corridor. That’s... Continue Reading →

New York Protest

Saturday, November 12th · 1pm · 1 Pierrepont Plaza, Brooklyn, NY "Fuck Hillary!" That's what I heard shouted out of a truck in front of Hillary Clinton's headquarters at two female volunteers from the campaign.  The women didn't even flinch.  They were focused on moving everything from their desks to their cars.  Hillary had lost.... Continue Reading →


I’ve been pissed off since the 90’s. People write some really stupid reviews about things. If you seriously want to know how that Pan Fried European Sea Bass tastes at that restaurant that doesn’t allow you to arrive in anything less than black tie, just go and eat it. It’s not like it’s expensive or... Continue Reading →

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