Hotness and the Hellraiser

My Tinder is like bittersweet purgatory for those willing and those who just board on the train—innocent and fragile to what is coming ahead of them. I’ve decided to meet up with a boy I’ve been talking to for quite sometime. He’s blonde so I ask him if he’s in a frat. No, he says.... Continue Reading →

Rise of the Talking Pineapple

A new generation of students is rising above the ashes of the old-school standards and it is looking like shit. Education went from teaching a student new skills to the intent of teaching a student test-taking skills. Tests fucking blow. Standardized tests have wreaked havoc on a once moderately sound system for educating people. The... Continue Reading →

Social Media and Your Job

We’ve always been told to be careful what we put online, be careful who sees it. Don’t post anything you might regret. But if you’ve spent your middle school years on social media, you know as well as I do that there’s at least something you regret out there in cyberspace. But that’s the small... Continue Reading →

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