Ho Ho Ho-escopes

Written by Sara Mayberry   OH HELL YEA  It’s WHOREoscope time!  Okay, I have a mini-tangent before we begin. Just recently, I came into understanding what a Chiron is. It has to do with a comet/asteroid that passes at your precise time of birth and was originally associated with a mythological Grecian god, named Chiron.... Continue Reading →


Written by Sara Mayberry Aries (March 21- April 19) Aries, just because it’s spooky season doesn’t mean you can be scary to your friends. Allow others in, smoke some weed, just CHILL aries! You’re very intellectually receptive, but you’re feeling emotionally stunted right now - go with your gut, your firey fuck. Taurus (April 20... Continue Reading →

Chiv Summerscopes

Written by Sara Mayberry Okay bitches it’s been a straight (or gay) minute since I’ve updated y’all, and well, Summer is coming. (Queue GoT weird reference that I don’t understand) Anyways I figured I’d give everyone a little suggestion on how to go about your summer...activities. What time is it? (Summer time) (And horoscopes I... Continue Reading →

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