Steve Roggenbuck is an Asshole

Written by Jess Schultz TRIGGER WARNING: This article discusses sexual assault and abuse, which may be triggering topics for some. If your mental health could be affected by this topic, please read this at your own discretion. In 2015, during my first month of college, Steve Roggenbuck did a reading and gallery show at Champlain... Continue Reading →

Mara: The Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis

Written by Danielle Wunderlich Illustrated by Grace Monahan Mara – “Finding oneself awake and paralyzed in the presence of a terrifying being.” An old Anglo-Saxon word. ~ From David J. Hufford’s Beings without Bodies, Chapter 1. The first time it happened, I had never heard of the term before. Call it what you want, Mara,... Continue Reading →

The UFC Is the Architect of its Own Problems

Written by Anthony Mahon UFC 229 was supposed to be the biggest night in the mixed martial arts organization’s near 25-year history. While “biggest night in history” is usually a hyperbole-based marketing tool, the UFC more than backed it up. The main event of the card saw 26-0 UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defend against... Continue Reading →

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