Written by Chiv Astrologists What’s up bitches, we’re here to see what kind of luck you’ll be getting in this four-leaf-clover-claimed month. Just because McDonald’s says it’s time to “get your luck on” with a Shamrock Shake, does not mean you should feed into one of the biggest monopolies in United States history. (Queue Marxist... Continue Reading →

Black Men and Mental Health Stigma

Written by Anthony Mahon Art by Alyssa Luongo In 2016, #YouGoodMan began trending on Twitter after rapper Kid Cudi openly discussed his mental health struggles. Cudi’s post helped to renew and spread a dialogue about the stigmatization of black men and mental health. Two years later, it’s very much still a conversation that needs to... Continue Reading →

Strictly Dickly

Written by Olivia Lyons Everyone loves their best friend, but some people think my best friend and I have taken our love to a non-platonic level. For the past three and a half years that we have known each other, we have been asked how long we’ve been in a relationship, if we’re a couple,... Continue Reading →

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