Dime For Your Thoughts

Written by Isabel Dickey When you find a dime left around, it’s because someone is sending you a message from beyond the grave. It doesn’t count if it’s next to other change. Just a dime, alone on the floor, or on the sink, maybe on the kitchen counter. Whoever you’ve lost is missing you. Wherever... Continue Reading →

To Mourn, To Pray and To Hope

Written by Artemis Walsh Illustrated by Grace Monahan As I typed these words, Notre-Dame-de-Paris was on fire. It sounds almost uncanny or unreal that such a notable historical site, such an ancient and well known artifact is as mortal as its creators. The men who first designed or built the church are long dead, and... Continue Reading →

The One With The Dead Possum

Written by Gillianne Ross So my friends and I are walking down the street to visit our friend at their radio job. It’s Friday, the sun is still shining, and it is band jam session time for our gang of friends. We hit Beech St, Cliff St, Bayview St, and finally Howard St. Our little... Continue Reading →

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