On the 4th of July

Written by Walter Hill I do not feel patriotic today. It's hard to feel pride in a country that as a black guy would prefer you to silently and “gratefully” play sports instead of have a political opinion. I struggle to endorse our forever Wars after learning of the failures of Vietnam. On the other... Continue Reading →

This is Spinal Tap

Written by Jordan Upshaw Between your brain and your skull there’s a membrane called the meninges. It’s there to protect your brain, spinal cord, nervous system—basically, it makes sure your entire body can function and you stay alive. Meningitis is when your meninges gets infected and tries to kill you instead. After two weeks of... Continue Reading →

Violent Calm

Written by Noah LaPointe The dark raw of a cleft lip puckers and gapes like a bloody bruise in the cement of a city by the bay. Water that is brackish and torn dull by the flow of excrement swirls down, down, downward into the mouth, gurgling like a squirming toad, and on the crest... Continue Reading →

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