Chiv Summerscopes

Written by Sara Mayberry Okay bitches it’s been a straight (or gay) minute since I’ve updated y’all, and well, Summer is coming. (Queue GoT weird reference that I don’t understand) Anyways I figured I’d give everyone a little suggestion on how to go about your summer...activities. What time is it? (Summer time) (And horoscopes I... Continue Reading →

Chiv Whoroscopes April

Written by Sara Mayberry It’s been a long month, kids. I know y’all have been missing me! Don’t you fret, I’m here to help you decide what kind of altering life decision to make this month. This is the month we all sign the declaration of whoredependence, claiming our slutty realness. Let’s fuckin boogie, bitches!... Continue Reading →


Written by Chiv Astrologists What’s up bitches, we’re here to see what kind of luck you’ll be getting in this four-leaf-clover-claimed month. Just because McDonald’s says it’s time to “get your luck on” with a Shamrock Shake, does not mean you should feed into one of the biggest monopolies in United States history. (Queue Marxist... Continue Reading →

Chiv’s Worst Sex Stories

Written By Champlain's Most Angsty Art By Alyssa Luongo and Grace Monahan *Uncredited to preserve anonymity* We asked for your worst sex stories, and oh my did we get some... I'm on estradiol, which makes it a lot more difficult to climax. Both I and the girl I was having sex with also have joint... Continue Reading →

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