Two Weeks in China

Written by Peter Aragi Hot, humid, and funny-smelling. Sounds like Florida, but not quite. I had just landed in Beijing, China with several students and teachers from my high school. While we were there, we caused some mischief, disregarded cultural norms, and willingly made no more of ourselves than your common idiot. Tom and the... Continue Reading →

Your Horoscope for November

Written by the Chiv Astrologists Aries (March 21- April 19) How many times must your Earth sign friends nod and say “Sure, Jan” when you deny your feelings while simultaneously never shutting up about your current beau? Admit you have a little more than a crush already, you beautiful psychotic hellfire nutjob. We love you.... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Code Switching

Written by Jayna Hawkes   Answers to unknown questions struggle to climb up my burned windpipe. Memories of Dad’s monkey bread melt in my mouth. The way that butter dissolves into warm bread. Brother’s not here again this year, he's doing a different kind of cooking. Laura's interminable questions ring in my head like Mom's... Continue Reading →

Missed First Kiss

Written by Cat Butrick First kiss, first crush, first partner, first time. For many, these first moments are significant scenes in their lives no matter the emotion elicited. All of my firsts electrocuted my skin with magnetic joy, especially my first kiss. I don’t remember the exact date, but I know it was a day... Continue Reading →

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