Meninism is Just Another Word for Normal

I need meninism because both Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL give men unrealistic body expectations. I need meninism because there is no Men’s March or Men’s History Month. I need meninism because the word “feminism” favors women over men. Meninism is how I express my rights as a member of this society, while feminism... Continue Reading →

Patriotic Witchcraft

Before President Obama witnessed us burn this country to the ground and then peaced the fuck out, he told us all to get involved in politics and make a difference. Starting in February, the witch community did just that—they organized a national monthly spell-casting event to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him... Continue Reading →

A Diagnosis is Worse than Death

Death is a shitty thing. You have this light, and it infects everyone you meet—everyone you love, and in a blink of an eye it disappears. It’s easy to assume that everyone reading this has felt the utter emptiness brought on from losing someone they’ve loved. If you haven't yet—you will. Loss either comes in... Continue Reading →

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