Meninism is Just Another Word for Normal

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I need meninism because both Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL give men unrealistic body expectations. I need meninism because there is no Men’s March or Men’s History Month. I need meninism because the word “feminism” favors women over men.

Meninism is how I express my rights as a member of this society, while feminism is for others to express their hatred of this society. Feminism complains about women not having enough or being objectified too much. Meanwhile, meninism simply wants everyone to be happy in keeping things the way they are. The system works, and meninism is here to protect it.

Meninism was created in result of feminism, simply wanting to retain the previous balance that the world held so easily and happily. Men have always been superior to women; it’s just the way of life. God created them bigger—as to be the protector—and thus the more important gender. If all the men of the world disappeared today, the women would be lost and would, therefore, die off quickly. Women wouldn’t be able to hunt or protect themselves and their children from danger. How would they survive without their men?

On the other hand, I fully agree women should have some of the basic rights men have, such as the right to vote. It’s only fair to give them a chance to choose the man that will provide their national wellbeing. Now, you feminists out there are probably thinking: But Hillary Clinton ran for president, and I voted for her. Well of course you did, and good for you for practicing the right so graciously given to you. Yet, as expected, Donald Trump—a man after my own heart—won. However, when the vote didn’t go to Hillary, women began to complain. They thought they deserved a parade because they didn’t get what they wanted. The whole nation had the chance to vote, and the electoral vote simply chose the best option, fair and square. Women are given the chance to vote and yet still choose to have a tantrum when things don’t go their way. They’re given rights they insist on having, but they don’t use it correctly, and so their right to choose should be taken away if they’re not going to respect it.

Therefore, why would we want to keep making changes after the men of this nation already allotted women their basic rights that are being squandered? So what, women make 75 cents per every dollar a man makes? If men stooped down to be equal with a woman’s pay, everyone would suffer from low income. It’s better to make small sacrifices than big ones, and this is one where the women are going to have to take one for the team. Therefore, if everything stays the same, life will go on smoothly. Yet, women just can’t seem to ever be satisfied with what they’re given.

There’s also a perception that women are given unrealistic body expectations on television and in movies. But, from extensive research, I have found that men are the ones actually objected. I mean, have you seen Brad Pitt next to Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith? At one point he’s wearing just boxers and a T-shirt, his photo-shopped muscles gleaming in the sun, while Jolie is covered by one of his shirts, her body hidden. This portrayal of glorified men is underestimated and needs to be addressed immediately. How come Pitt is the only one viewed as an impossible body-goal in the movie? We all know Jolie has a perfect body, too, but she’s covered up. If feminism wants men and women to be equal, then the director might as well show her off, too.

        Before there was a word for it, meninism was simply our everyday lives. Men were men and women were women. There were no obvious complaints or needs for protests. We were happy. But since the threat of feminism on the normalcy of our society has grown, there was a dire need for the word “normal” to evolve into “meninism,” simply reinforcing our will to stay as happy and healthy as we originally were. And maybe over time—if women can prove they deserve it—the men of the world will even give them a little more leeway. But probably not.

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