The Wooden Girls

The lady makes music when you spin the top of her body. She’s empty inside but makes a heavy weight on your palm. The lady is gentle and fragile and loud when she needs to be. She is clean and polished but has the decay of many fingers having touched, having used for themselves, in... Continue Reading →

On Science and Poetry

The first time I saw a shark was on a whale watching trip in Bar Harbor. The boat was dingy and didn’t fit a lot of people on it, but we were smaller and could squeeze into our parents’ thighs if we wanted to. The captain guided us through the top of the boat on... Continue Reading →

The Holy Day the Day We Made For God

We see red cardinals mostly in the winter when they’re the only thing that's not white on the back porch bird feeder. They are bright, blood on white, red lipstick for the first time on a fair face like Emma Stone. Female cardinals have a duller brown color, with tails and wings that lack the same.... Continue Reading →

My Pussy

Have you ever felt a vagina? Really fucking felt it. Pushed your hands through the sides and felt your fingers plunge back, like old school slime. If someone takes your pants off do they even appreciate the thought you put into the underwear you wore tonight? Does he remember, do they remember, does she remember,... Continue Reading →

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