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Like many students who go to Champlain College, Thomas Rose decided to study abroad. Unlike those before him, Thomas decided to make the most out of this trip by creating a magazine. 

Rose’s destination of choice was Lisbon, Portugal. Offering a huge blast of rich culture, this capital city gave Thomas the inspiration to start a project that became a reality. From the craft beer culture to the small-town coffee shops there was so much to the coastal city, especially so at this day and age.

Back in 2008, Lisbon experienced an economic crash. Although these events are never fun to experience, it did something unique to the landscape of Lisbon. Following the economic crash was an empty space that was filled with creative energy. The result is the beautiful city that exists today.

workshops-photoThomas was lucky enough to experience this culture. When he came in to live with his host family he was greeted with open arms. Everywhere Thomas went, he felt welcomed despite coming from another country. “You can rely on [others] and show your gratitude and they’ll help you.” Not only was Lisbon a beautiful city, but the people that filled the streets were amazing as well.

One particular encounter with a certain Anna Sarcletti proved to be a very important moment for Rose. For Rose’s Art and History class, they went to a tile museum (yes, even the tiles were amazing) and Rose saw a girl with a nice camera making friends. Taking a closer look, Thomas noticed Anna was no normal photographer: she was amazing. So, later on they met up in a new part of the city. Conversation ensued as Thomas learned more about Anna’s pursuit of being a designer. She mentioned wanting to make a magazine. There was a particular emphasis on making something physical, not digital. At that moment, Thomas was in. Anna and Thomas made a great team. While Thomas was doing the editorial work (editing the pieces of locals who submitted small passages), Anna took on design and layout.

By last summer, the final touches were being made. Not much later, a Kickstarter campaign was made to get funding for manufacturing the magazine and shipping it. They ended up making 110% of their goal. Now they have the magazine Salt & Wonder shipping to different parts of the world.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.12.41 PMIn this magazine you’ll find entrepreneurship, cuisine, and travel successfully mashed up into a beautiful and rich magazine. Anyone interested in cities that reimagine themselves, or even just good photography, will be well entertained by Salt & Wonder. Print magazines such as this one really show why a digital platform doesn’t always capture what paper can.

This project has been truly amazing for both Thomas and Anna. “I feel so lucky,” comments Thomas. It’s not very often that a student gets to make such a beautiful combination of art and literature. If you’re interested and want to learn more about Salt & Wonder, go visit their website here. Don’t miss out on seeing the wonderful sights of Lisbon, Portugal.

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