To Pregame or Not to Pregame

Written by Dylan Patterson Muted bass and the indecipherable mumblings of a hundred Brads packed into a cramped, alcohol-reeking two-bedroom house would make any reasonable person turn around; but in Burlington, Vermont college students will, for some reason, pay to go inside. While for some, Saturdays may be designated “for the boys,” for others, it’s... Continue Reading →

A Diagnosis is Worse than Death

Death is a shitty thing. You have this light, and it infects everyone you meet—everyone you love, and in a blink of an eye it disappears. It’s easy to assume that everyone reading this has felt the utter emptiness brought on from losing someone they’ve loved. If you haven't yet—you will. Loss either comes in... Continue Reading →

Episode Seven was… Bad

If you’re like me, we can assume that over one year ago you stood in line for two hours at the local movie theater to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You probably walked into the the theater, found yourself a nice seat and sat in angst until LUCASFILMS melted onto the screen. It faded... Continue Reading →

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