Last month, Betsy “What Are Student Loans” DeVos decided to take a quick break from defunding public schools and discriminating against LGBTQ+ kids in order to fuck over survivors of sexual assault. In 2011, when we had a competent president, the Office for Civil Rights released the “Dear Colleague” letter. This set up new and... Continue Reading →

Kneedful Things

NOTE: This article contains graphic images of a surgery in progress. I was laying on the operating bed in an ice cold operating room draped in medical skivvies. There was no fanfare from the doctors preparing to cut open my knee. I didn’t feel any heart pounding fear as I lay there. I’d be asleep... Continue Reading →

Psychopath Bait

I am psychopath bait. No matter where I go in life, there always seems to be one waiting for me. Waiting to beat me down or break off a little bit more of me for themselves. The worst part is that despite all the warning signs I keep falling for it. Does God keep putting them... Continue Reading →

The Lakehouse

When I was three years old, a family friend helped us drive our aging camper down the pitted driveway while I sat in the front seat with my mother, watching the tree branches reach out toward the glass of the windows in the eerie yellow light of headlights. We settled it down beneath an old,... Continue Reading →

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