There’s Something About Oscar

It’s awards season! A very exciting time for budding filmmakers and people who still go to movie theaters (me). A lot of people don’t care about the Oscars because there’s a lot of bitterness against the system that’s in place. La La Land, a film about Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling singing or something, took... Continue Reading →

Gawker, Gawker, Gone

I haven’t seen Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, but I feel confident in saying that it is not worth $230 million. I also know for a fact it is not worth all of being shut down and yet, somehow, that’s exactly what happened. In August 2016, Gawker, the pretty cousin of web journalism that did... Continue Reading →

An American Thanksgiving

I was almost two years old when my family immigrated from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to New York. My mom and dad came to America and worked in the city doing odd jobs at first and then as maids, janitors, and engineers. When we first came here we shared a small two-bedroom apartment with my grandma,... Continue Reading →

God Goes to Denny’s, Too

There’s a beautiful, greasy allure to restaurants open past midnight that cater to college kids and drunks; most nights, like this night, they were one and the same. I was on my way to Denny’s at 3 AM, fresh off a box of wine that claimed my sobriety, in the backseat of a friend’s Toyota—three... Continue Reading →

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