Violent Calm

Written by Noah LaPointe The dark raw of a cleft lip puckers and gapes like a bloody bruise in the cement of a city by the bay. Water that is brackish and torn dull by the flow of excrement swirls down, down, downward into the mouth, gurgling like a squirming toad, and on the crest... Continue Reading →


Written by Anne Calonico This weekend was my first time in Washington D.C., the place at the heart of American history. I looked for history in the old brownstone buildings of Georgetown. I looked for history in fragile paper documents, illuminated underneath glass cases. I looked for history in the cloudy eyes of a taxidermied... Continue Reading →

The Stations of the Writing Process

Pilate condemns Jesus to die Have you heard of the Muse? The Muse sprinkles the fairy dust of literature over your writer brain. An idea is birthed from said writer brain Zeus-style. When that idea sits in your head, it is always, without fail, the greatest idea you have ever conceived. It is your favorite... Continue Reading →

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