It’s a High World After All

There comes a time in every college-aged stoner’s life where they are unfunctionally high in a place they absolutely should not be. For most this is usually a family dinner, a plane ride, or—god forbid—a church. For me, I chose to be slightly more ambitious with my inappropriate trail blazing. I went to Disney World.... Continue Reading →

Express Buses

Friday afternoon, I hadn’t been home for longer than five minutes when my dad informed me that he and his live-in girlfriend both had mono. Aren’t teenagers supposed to get mono? My dad hugs me, but doesn’t offer to carry my bag inside. My first thought was that I probably smelled like weed. My second... Continue Reading →


Every nine seconds a woman in the United States is assaulted or beaten. I wasn’t going to wait another nine to get out of that house on July 27th 2012. 69% of family violence against a son or daughter takes place at the victim’s home. Like the rest of the 40% of family violence victims... Continue Reading →

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