Pull Yourself Together: A Reflection

Most nights start with the goal to wake up fine the next day but end with an ungraceful, drunken flop into the mounds of knitted blankets I call my bed—there’s usually a “Pull yourself together,” uttered somewhere in between the two. For the most part, these “pull yourself together”s are private, intimate moments, had in... Continue Reading →

Shit I Found on the Side of the Road

Some say I’m lucky, but I just think I’m resourceful with a good eye. Here’s a (probably incomplete) list of things I’ve found on the side of the road and deemed cool enough to take home: A statue of three elephants standing on top of one another A wok (my mom made me throw this... Continue Reading →

Tinder For “Hippies”

I’ve been on (and off and back on) Tinder for a while now. After a while of becoming well-versed on the Burlington Tindersphere, I've noticed a trend. These girls keep acting like hippies. I suppose it’s fashionable now and I understand why. Being environmentally conscious and caring is fucking sexy. I love hippie girls. I may not... Continue Reading →

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