Dear Positive Mindset: Get Off My Dick

Written by: Cat Butrick Art by: Alyssa Luongo I’m fucking tired of being positive. I’m tired of trying to find the silver lining of every situation. I’m definitely tired of being the rational and optimistic person in every argument. I want to be angry. I want to drop my ice cream cone after just buying... Continue Reading →

My Drunk Inauguration Speech

Written by Cat Butrick *This entire article was written while I was absolutely smashed. Found it in my notes the next morning when adding food to my grocery list* There’s something enchanting about your first basement party. The smell of cheap vodka and sweaty (almost) post-pubescent bodies. The constant pushing and I’m sorrys. The trashy... Continue Reading →

Missed First Kiss

Written by Cat Butrick First kiss, first crush, first partner, first time. For many, these first moments are significant scenes in their lives no matter the emotion elicited. All of my firsts electrocuted my skin with magnetic joy, especially my first kiss. I don’t remember the exact date, but I know it was a day... Continue Reading →

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