Dime For Your Thoughts

Written by Isabel Dickey When you find a dime left around, it’s because someone is sending you a message from beyond the grave. It doesn’t count if it’s next to other change. Just a dime, alone on the floor, or on the sink, maybe on the kitchen counter. Whoever you’ve lost is missing you. Wherever... Continue Reading →

Seventh-Grade Heartbreak

Written by Sammie Lee Wilhoit My heart was sore and ached for days. I spent weeks crying on the couch. When I finally got enough energy, I sat at the piano and wrote a song that sounded like a creaky swing. I missed her green eyes that flickered gold around around her pupil. I missed... Continue Reading →

The First 9

Written and Illustrated by Isabel Dickey For nine years I lived in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, in a tiny little cul de sac tucked into the space between Whitemarsh Elementary and the intersection at Joshua and Flourtown Roads. It was shaped like an oval, all smushed in on the right side. The smushed side was my... Continue Reading →

Debate (About) Me.

Written by Artemis Walsh Illustrated by Isabel Dickey I am a person. I am also a public debate. The presence of transgender people in the public consciousness has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. As a friend of mine said, “A few years ago the general media image of trans people was poor but next... Continue Reading →

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