Turning 21 While Being Sober

Written by: Sammie Lee Wilhoit Art by: Izzy Dickey   By the time this is published, I will have turned 21. When I think of 21 as a milestone in life, I think of the glamorous Instagram posts of my friends at a bar with a glass of wine or beer or a fancy drink... Continue Reading →

Crop Tops & Hookups

Written by: Sammie Lee Wilhoit Art by: Grace Monahan Having sex before marriage is a sin. When my friend lost her virginity in high school, I thought her parents would find out. I thought having sex meant giving up on academics and all of the responsibilities of life. I was certain she would get pregnant... Continue Reading →

Seventh-Grade Heartbreak

Written by Sammie Lee Wilhoit My heart was sore and ached for days. I spent weeks crying on the couch. When I finally got enough energy, I sat at the piano and wrote a song that sounded like a creaky swing. I missed her green eyes that flickered gold around around her pupil. I missed... Continue Reading →

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