My Drunk Inauguration Speech

Written by Cat Butrick *This entire article was written while I was absolutely smashed. Found it in my notes the next morning when adding food to my grocery list* There’s something enchanting about your first basement party. The smell of cheap vodka and sweaty (almost) post-pubescent bodies. The constant pushing and I’m sorrys. The trashy... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Ode To James Baldwin

Written by Walter Hill Illustrated by Isabel Dickey The faces of the civil rights movement are iconic. Their faces themselves, the furrowed brows and clenched jaws, held the hope and anger and resilience of a whole people. The Martin Luther Kings and Malcolm Xs of the world often tear their way out of photos, shape... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Terror and Unfamiliarity

Written by Artemis Walsh Illustrated by Grace Monahan I don’t usually remember my dreams, and I’ve rarely seen the sunrise. I have always found “early to bed, early to rise” immensely difficult. By the beginning of my final  semester of college, I found it almost impossible to fall asleep in enough time to wake up... Continue Reading →

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