Who to Thank This Holiday Season

Some people that have done revolutionary things have just about gone under the radar. Instead of talking about the obvious (politics) this holiday break, maybe tell your family some cool facts about some cool dudes, just to give yourself a little relief. Lord Baden-Powell You can thank him for relieving you of your brother for... Continue Reading →

The Stations of the Writing Process

Pilate condemns Jesus to die Have you heard of the Muse? The Muse sprinkles the fairy dust of literature over your writer brain. An idea is birthed from said writer brain Zeus-style. When that idea sits in your head, it is always, without fail, the greatest idea you have ever conceived. It is your favorite... Continue Reading →

What #MeToo Means

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a woman right now, in a time when our president has been accused of sexual assault and women’s health is a hot topic in legislation. I’m living in a time where women have come together, not just because they want to, but because they... Continue Reading →

Pro-Gun, Pro-Gun Control

Two mornings after the Las Vegas shooting, I went to the newsstand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I found the covers dominated by news of the massacre. The articles included details of the event, histories of mass shootings in the United States, commentary on President Trump’s reactions (with some shade about his anti-foreigner views considering the... Continue Reading →

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