Child of the Seventies

Written by Haley Clemens “Do you want to go to the knit shop or get the tree first?” I’m in the car with my mom, where some kind of interview is always happening. Sometimes we ourselves are the subjects. Sometimes it’s other people: coworkers, my hometown friends, the church ladies, our neighbors, my mother’s family.... Continue Reading →

Lucid Dreamer

Written by Haley Clemens Two years ago, I was stuck in the lowest period of my life. It was ... really bad. Depression had me drowning on land all day, every single day. I very nearly lost myself somewhere in the deep crush of anxiety and loneliness. Like any girl with midwestern blood, I buckled... Continue Reading →

Ave Sex Ed

Written by Haley Clemens I say a prayer for our education,  To expose us to curriculum lacking in political discrimination.  And for my sister’s sake I plead,  Teach us about sex long before we need. Teach us that coercion and bribing and blackmail are not grounds for getting us to put out. Teach us to... Continue Reading →

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