Note from Chivomengro Editorial Staff

Written by the Chivomengro Editorial Staff One week ago today, Chivomengro published its March/April 2018 issue. This contained a piece of writing by James Saunders, a first-year contributor, about the recent loss of Ethan Parker, a close friend of James’s and a student in the same major as him. This piece was removed from our... Continue Reading →


Written by Anne Calonico This weekend was my first time in Washington D.C., the place at the heart of American history. I looked for history in the old brownstone buildings of Georgetown. I looked for history in fragile paper documents, illuminated underneath glass cases. I looked for history in the cloudy eyes of a taxidermied... Continue Reading →

Kids are Leading the Revolution, so Get Ready

Written by Margot Nelson The revolution is brewing, and it’s being stirred by teenagers all around the country. The kids who have spent their whole lives being called “lazy” and “entitled” by the media have grown up, and they’re angry. They’re angry because since the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, there... Continue Reading →

Calling All Bystanders

Written by Walter Proulx Recently, a group named Calling All Crows came to Arts Riot in Burlington to talk about active bystander training (ABT). For those unfamiliar with ABT, it involves informing all bystanders (so, everyone) on how to identify sexual violence and how to potentially stop it. Instead of other tactics to stop sexual... Continue Reading →

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