Impeaching Donald Trump Is Not a Victory

Written by Walter Hill President Donald Trump is being impeached. This is not a sunny moment in America. As of this writing, it has been roughly 48 hours since Speaker Nancy Pelosi lit the match by way of a televised announcement. A lot has transpired in very little time and it’s left my head spinning….

Jamesventures: A Tale From Vegas

Written by: “James” Art by: Alyssa Luongo  Wuddup wuddup Chiv readers, It’s ya boi James here. Ya know my main place of being is Cyber Security and the overall tech scene but I was coerced into being right here. The whole writing scene for a small college webzine. It’s so often people tell you about…

The Art of Finding A Goddamned Birthday Present For Your S.O.

Written by: Chiv’s Resident Sex Writer I love my guy, but I hate his birthday. It’s too close to Christmas, I’m always so focused on school, and being in a fucking LDR (long-distance relationship) we don’t always get to be together to celebrate properly with a blowjob marathon. And if all of this isn’t exhausting…

Holy Elaine, The 101 Year Old Doll

Written by Hannah Lindenberg I have a creepy 101 year old doll living in my house. She sits in a rocking chair that sings a tune when it’s purposely rocked or moved by the wind. She was a gift for my great aunt Elaine on her fifth birthday; she also got her name from her….