Why I Hate Friday Nights

Written by: Emma Florez Art By: Lily Tammik   Tl; dr-  I came into college with expectations, even though I know in mindfulness you’re not supposed to have any, and they didn’t get fulfilled, so I’m going to bitch about it. Expectation:  I go out every weekend. I dress up in my sexy little black... Continue Reading →

Belonging to a Cultural Spectrum

Written by: Victor Alves Art by: Lily Tammik   Chasing a sense of belonging that might never materialize isn’t worth it. And that’s okay. I like to think of my upbringing as relatively unique. I was born in New York City to Hispanic parents; my mother is a Catholic Mexican and my father is a... Continue Reading →

Pastor’s Kid

Written by: Hannah Lindenberg Art by: Lily Tammik   Tell me why church folk usually seem like the most judgemental people on the planet. Don't get me wrong, not all, but there are a good amount of them. It's usually the older generation that believes one should be brought up thinking that any sort of... Continue Reading →

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