Luck O’ Them Scopes

Written by Sara Mayberry What’s up astrology fiends? Let’s see what the month of March has in store for our good-luck spring break ;)  (Happy Pisces season, bitch.) Aries (March 21- April 19) This Pisces season has you feeling extra closeted and confused, not even (exclusively) in a gay way. Get out of your shell,... Continue Reading →


Written by Sara Mayberry SUP ASTROLOGY WHORES  Y’all have been awful clingy since last time - so this month we’re doing what the signs would Tinder message people (as if a Taurus would message first lol) anyhow here goes some sexy pick-up lines and other sly stuff ;) Aries (March 21- April 19) Hey so... Continue Reading →

Ho Ho Ho-escopes

Written by Sara Mayberry   OH HELL YEA  It’s WHOREoscope time!  Okay, I have a mini-tangent before we begin. Just recently, I came into understanding what a Chiron is. It has to do with a comet/asteroid that passes at your precise time of birth and was originally associated with a mythological Grecian god, named Chiron.... Continue Reading →

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