Read This Trash

Written by Jordan Upshaw Still salty that Chiv doesn’t accept fiction or poetry? Desperately trying to diversify that portfolio before graduation? Wanna hold a printed copy of your art in your cold, cold hands? Just really like zines? Then Trash is for you. You’ve probably seen it around campus—the Riot Grrrl-esque zine with a strong... Continue Reading →

Into the Minds of Chiv

Written by Walter Proulx A smartphone is the equivalent of a best friend; if you accidentally drop it in the ocean and you’d feel real bad. Having this electronic rectangle of life is so important. Without my phone I’d be a complete mess, missing most of my classes due to sleeping in without my alarm.... Continue Reading →

XFL; Football 2: MAGA Boogaloo

Written by Anthony Mahon After years of anticipation, the sports world rejoiced when WWE majority owner Vince McMahon announced the return of the widely acclaimed professional football league XFL. Well, not quite. If anyone remembers the XFL, they’ll recall that it was very far from widely acclaimed. After just one season marred by poor football... Continue Reading →

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