Your Horoscopes for December

Aries (March 21- April 19) You thrive when you have some structure and challenge in your life, Aries. Now that you're home on break with no obligations or responsibilities, you might feel like you're stagnating, but don’t let it get the best of you! Put on full face just to go to grocery store, flex... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget About These Bastards

This article contains depictions of sexual and physical assault and may be triggering to some readers. Since the fall of Harvey Weinstein, a reckoning has begun. Hundreds of women and some men (KEVIN SPACEY) have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against a litany of powerful men. And people are taking them seriously. That’s right—men... Continue Reading →

Sad Neutrality

Not knowing what Net Neutrality is today is like not realizing Game of Thrones is a show: either you intentionally avoid the subject because your friends won’t stop talking about it, or you just went off the grid and are returning from your five-year journey hiking in remote mountains. For the rest of society who... Continue Reading →

On Conflict Minerals

The ongoing plight for Champlain College to integrate a conflict-free resolution has inspired me to reach out the larger Burlington community for conflict mineral divestment. After meeting resistance from the administration, I have realized that engaging with other local stakeholders may be a more effective outlet for collective action. This is the fifth consecutive year... Continue Reading →

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