Tied to a Pole

Louisiana heat beat down on us as we struggled to get free. The jump rope dug into our flesh, making escape virtually impossible. Our pleas for help rang out in vain—everyone else had queued up and gone inside, leaving us to wither away into oblivion. Eight years later, my school principal tried to erase the... Continue Reading →

Ace At Life

We talk about sex a lot. By we, I mean humans. We joke about people’s sex lives and the proportions of dicks. The word “fuck"—arguably the most popular swear word in the English language—originally meant “to have sex." Candidates for president of the United States engaged in a heated discussion regarding the (improper) use of... Continue Reading →

The Weeknd

It’s been over a year since the release of The Weeknd’s last album, Beauty Behind the Madness. The record proved to be a massive success—spawning the hits “Often,” “The Hills,” and “Can’t Feel My Face.” With BBTM being Abel’s first number one album, people have been clamoring for more content ever since. Well, the wait is over.... Continue Reading →

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