The term “boyband” is often met with sighs, groans, and sarcastic laughs. In many ways, the teeny-bop sensations of years past have earned this reputation amongst the music world; unfortunately, tainting the word. BROCKHAMPTON is an All-American boyband featuring twelve young men who—unlike other boybands—some are gay, not white, and they can rap. It’s safe... Continue Reading →

Women Crushing the Music Scene in 2017

After a soul-sucking 2016, 2017 has proven positive in regards to music. From Cardi’s come-up to Kesha’s comeback, women have dominated the charts and twittersphere as they have shown fans and critics alike what the music is all about. CARDI B  From the notorious “a hoe never gets cold” vine to bumping Taylor Swift out... Continue Reading →

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