The “Gone Girl” Dichotomy

Written By: Zoe Leone Art By: Alyssa Luongo Amy Dunne is a seemingly picturesque literary character. When we first met Amy, she’s perfect. Perfect blonde hair, perfect willowy frame, perfect privileged background. She’s a damsel in distress; her marriage started out like a fairytale, but has turned into an abusive nightmare. Then she goes missing,... Continue Reading →

Lessons In Trauma

Written By: Kate Doe Art By: Kate Doe I am molded by my traumatic life experiences. Each has taught me a lesson in strength and decision making. From each trauma, I further dug myself into a depressive hole to protect my mind and body from anything else that could affect me. Yet from one incident,... Continue Reading →

Skate Park Fun

Written By: Emma Florez Art By: Alyssa Luongo You know that fragile state you’re in when someone rejects you where you are liable to do just about anything? This was the state I found myself in one early fall night at the skatepark.  Everyone was running up the ramps, but because I was in Sad... Continue Reading →

Good-Bye Bojack

Written By: Eric Banks Art By: Alyssa Luongo What’s the best show of all time? While the answer to this question may vary from person to person, there are certainly some shows that will pop up more than once. Vince Gilligan’s epic tragedy Breaking Bad certainly comes to mind, as does David Milch’s shakespearean western... Continue Reading →

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