The Safety of Danger

Written by: Emma Florez Art by: Izzy Dickey   The people I’ve met since starting at college have given me so much strength. My mind goes into spirals of fear when I’m alone, but when I’m surrounded by people who love and accept me unconditionally, I can be calm. Take the coronavirus, for example. Even... Continue Reading →

Boys (I’ve Loved) as Types of Wine

Written By Emma Florez Art By Alyssa Luongo *Names of Champlain students have been changed to names from “Thank U, Next” to protect their iden(titties)* Caleb was my first love. He was sangria, all bubbles and sweetness. Our love shone red like the wine in my white cup, our eyes lighting up like carbonation. The... Continue Reading →

Skate Park Fun

Written By: Emma Florez Art By: Alyssa Luongo You know that fragile state you’re in when someone rejects you where you are liable to do just about anything? This was the state I found myself in one early fall night at the skatepark.  Everyone was running up the ramps, but because I was in Sad... Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Friday Nights

Written by: Emma Florez Art By: Lily Tammik   Tl; dr-  I came into college with expectations, even though I know in mindfulness you’re not supposed to have any, and they didn’t get fulfilled, so I’m going to bitch about it. Expectation:  I go out every weekend. I dress up in my sexy little black... Continue Reading →

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