Hannah the Explorer

By Hannah Paquette Art By: Grace Monahan   Dora the Explorer was, in my opinion, one of the greatest shows I had the pleasure of watching when I was young. If the tv was on, there was a good chance my sister and I had our eyes glued to the screen, watching Dora on her... Continue Reading →

Babysitting the Drunks

Written by Hannah Paquette When I went to Montréal with nine of my friends, I had considered the fact that the drinking age there was 18. I don’t have any interest in drinking, but I have nothing against those who do. Quite frankly, I went for the poutine and to visit Montréal in general, but... Continue Reading →

Adjusting to College

Written by Hannah Paquette I made the final trip from the car up the green, carpeted stairway and turned the corner into my new room. The space was larger than I expected it to be for a triple, but I was still unsure of how living with different people would be. I instantly took the bed... Continue Reading →

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