Parkland, Florida

Written by Quinn Kanner Less than four months ago, news of the Las Vegas shooting reached me where I was studying in Argentina. Now I’m in Ireland, and news of another mass shooting has reached me—this one in Parkland, Florida, a little closer to home. I grew up in Florida, in Brevard County, a few... Continue Reading →

Pro-Gun, Pro-Gun Control

Two mornings after the Las Vegas shooting, I went to the newsstand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I found the covers dominated by news of the massacre. The articles included details of the event, histories of mass shootings in the United States, commentary on President Trump’s reactions (with some shade about his anti-foreigner views considering the... Continue Reading →

Students Address “Matt” Problem at Champlain College

Underneath the innocuous cover of Champlain’s varied and seemingly inclusive social environment lurks a discriminatory secret society that adds to the inherent elitism in Matthews everywhere. This society is the “Champlain Matts.” Champlain Matts is a closed Facebook group on the Champlain server that is open only to students at the college named Matt. This group works... Continue Reading →

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