In Defense of Riverdale

Written By: Audrey Waggoner Art By: Grace Monahan   *Piece contains Riverdale spoilers!* To the uninitiated, the questionably-acclaimed CW show Riverdale is probably best known for this scene (a classic scene from the first season where one of the main characters proclaims his “weirdness”). It’s cringy, right? Easily written off as another dumb teen drama... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks In Treatment

Written by Gillianne Ross  Art By: Grace Monahan   I taught myself how to use the Red Line last December. I ran down the stairs from the sidewalk of Mass Ave into the bowels of Boston, my mind suddenly set on getting out of Cambridge and back to Downtown Crossing. Harvard Square was painted black... Continue Reading →

Phone Sexy

Written By: Chiv's Resident Sex Writer Art By: Grace Monahan   Installment #3 of Sexcessful Some of the fondest memories I have of my freshman year of college are when I was sitting on the floor of my room’s closet having video-chat phone sex with my partner. Were my two unsuspecting roommates home some of... Continue Reading →

Hannah the Explorer

By Hannah Paquette Art By: Grace Monahan   Dora the Explorer was, in my opinion, one of the greatest shows I had the pleasure of watching when I was young. If the tv was on, there was a good chance my sister and I had our eyes glued to the screen, watching Dora on her... Continue Reading →

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