Boys (I’ve Loved) as Types of Wine

461B3DA2-E68B-44CB-813D-C978729F6634Written By Emma Florez

Art By Alyssa Luongo

*Names of Champlain students have been changed to names from “Thank U, Next” to protect their iden(titties)*

Caleb was my first love. He was sangria, all bubbles and sweetness. Our love shone red like the wine in my white cup, our eyes lighting up like carbonation. The buzz Caleb gave me made me a little crazy, but didn’t last long. 

Jonathan was rosé, sweet on the way down, but leaving a bitter taste in the back of my throat. The warmth he spread inside my chest turned into a sharp burn that made me woozy that night and achy the next morning.

Sean was champagne, full of possibility and excitement, but a disappointment when I finally tried. I thought we could celebrate love for each other, but he did not love me. His fizz scratched my throat and his brut rejection made my lips purse. 

Ricky was red wine. No matter how many times I tried, I could not love him. His tannins overwhelmed me, leaving me feeling disrespected and burned. Nevertheless, he was omnipresent, begging me to taste him one more time.

Pete is white wine; I haven’t given him a try yet. I really want to love him, but I’m scared I won’t.