Alternative R&B Spotlight: Artists to Check Out

Names like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Usher, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys have defined the contemporary R&B genre. Hits like “Ignition” and “Confessions” are examples of the greatness that this genre has produced since the new millennium. However, since the 2010s, the indie R&B subgenre has taken the spotlight. The typically upbeat feel-good music making of rhythms... Continue Reading →

You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Look Alikes

A group of Champlain College students got together to show that Vermont has the highest population of celebrity doppelgängers in any state. It’s quite remarkable how much they all look like our favorite stars! Tony Hawk While this Digital Filmmaking student may lack the sick, radical skateboarding skills of his celebrity copy, there’s no mistaking they’re... Continue Reading →

Proof Climate Change is Real

Club Penguin is shutting down. God, that was hard to say. I’ve been trying to find the exact words to use for weeks, but I think that just about does it. Since 2010, our Earth’s average temperature has gone up by 400%. Wind is only a product of the fire-breathing dragon down the corridor. That’s... Continue Reading →

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