A Christmas Party Primer

Christmas Eve has arrived. Your Christmas list was diligently overstocked months ago. You’ve covered all your bases. If you don’t get thing X, then you know for sure thing Y will be waiting under the tree. You also know that if your mom or dad won’t get it, then maybe Cousin Kenny will bless you... Continue Reading →

A Whole Lotta Pizza

One brave Chivomengro reporter decided to eat pizza every day for a month. Here is what happened: I ate pizza every day in October. Am I disgusted with myself? No. Did I get fat? Nope. Does pizza forever haunt my waking memory and dreams? Just about. It started off as a less-than-sober joke on October 1st... Continue Reading →

The Year In Gambino

On December 2nd, 2016, Childish Gambino released Awaken, My Love!—a funk-heavy follow-up to his 2013 album, Because The Internet. However, that isn’t the only highlight of the former Community star’s year. Awaken, My Love! is merely a cherry on top on what has been an incredible year for Donald Glover. In February 2016, Because the Internet—known for... Continue Reading →

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