Shit I Found on the Side of the Road


Some say I’m lucky, but I just think I’m resourceful with a good eye. Here’s a (probably incomplete) list of things I’ve found on the side of the road and deemed cool enough to take home:

  • A statue of three elephants standing on top of one another
  • A wok (my mom made me throw this one out before I used it)
  • Pairs of shoes that fit*
    • Birkenstock knock offs
    • Nike sneakers
  • Eatery of all sorts*
    • A cup that looks like a head
    • A mug with a cow on it
    • A fancy tea cup
    • Forks with cool handles
    • Spoons with cool handles
  • Photographs
  • A green chair that is easily the nicest piece of furniture in my apartment
  • Books
    • 3 of which were about painting like famous artists
  • Textbooks I’ve used for class
  • A shelf to put my books on
  • Milk crates I use to put more books into
  • A desk
  • A bureau for my roommate
  • A double sided painting (pictured above)
  • A toaster oven
  • 3 cassette tapes of Willie Nelson’s best tunes
  • A backpack filled with shattered glass
  • $$$$$$$

* Cleaned before used, duh.

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