• The Pros Of A Pocket Watch

    The Pros Of A Pocket Watch

    Written by Audrey Orenstein  Art by Justin Bissonette My first memory regarding a pocket watch dates back to Kindergarten. It was a bad day. I had just cracked my skull open on the outside wall of Nathan Clifford Elementary School during recess. There’s still a scar on my head. I was in the hospital. My… Read more

  • “Fall (Off My Bike)”

    “Fall (Off My Bike)”

    Poem by Carsen Suh  Art by Hadrian OGarro  The messenger’s breath stung, he arrived without warning. No, he is the warning. Dry ice, crushed leaves but I know not to kill him. It’s warm!  Actually–   Yeah, balmy out today. I took a cold shower and I haven’t had coffee in three days and I… Read more

  • December Horoscopes

    December Horoscopes

    Written by Madeleine Minks Art by Seven Descheneaux  Aries: You’re going to keep looping that song that you told yourself that you were going to stop looping. Typical. Taurus: At this point, there is an entire ecosystem growing inside of your water bottle. Please, God, clean it. Or, at this point, throw it out and… Read more

  • Catholic School Sucks!

    Catholic School Sucks!

    Written by Aeowynn Ayers  Art by Simone Lerner  In all of my eighteen years of life, Catholic school was, without a doubt, the worst thing to ever happen to me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am immensely grateful that I had the privilege to get a private school education. I recognize that most people… Read more

  • Mipso: A Dual Review

    Mipso: A Dual Review

    Written by Julia Cote and Clara MacMeekin Photo by Greta Scheff  Our dear readers, Julia and I had the opportunity to witness the greatness of Mipso, and are eager to share it with you. Thus, you’ll discover that the next sections are written and separated by our persons. This is intentional, as we feel it… Read more

  • Chivomengro Playlist

    Chivomengro Playlist

    Fall is over, which means seasonal depression is in, BUT our fall playlist lives on. What better way to pull yourself out of hibernation? It’s spooky, it’s grunge, it’s the music someone’s ex-boyfriend introduced them to, it’s the music someone got OVER their ex-boyfriend to. We’ve even got some folk for you mysterious woodland creatures.… Read more

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