Impeaching Donald Trump Is Not A Victory

Written by Walter Hill President Donald Trump is being impeached. This is not a sunny moment in America. As of this writing, it has been roughly 48 hours since Speaker Nancy Pelosi lit the match by way of a televised announcement. A lot has transpired in very little time and it’s left my head spinning….

Jamesventures: A Tale From Vegas

Written by “James” Wuddup wuddup Chiv readers, It’s ya boi James here. Ya know my main place of being is Cyber Security and the overall tech scene but I was coerced into being right here. The whole writing scene for a small college webzine. It’s so often people tell you about expression, and the importance…

The Art of Finding A Goddamned Birthday Present For Your S.O.

Written by Chiv’s Resident Sex Writer I love my guy, but I hate his birthday. It’s too close to Christmas, I’m always so focused on school, and being in a fucking LDR (long-distance relationship) we don’t always get to be together to celebrate properly with a blowjob marathon. And if all of this isn’t exhausting…

Holy Elaine, The 101 Year Old Doll

Written by Hannah Lindenberg I have a creepy 101 year old doll living in my house. She sits in a rocking chair that sings a tune when it’s purposely rocked or moved by the wind. She was a gift for my great aunt Elaine on her fifth birthday; she also got her name from her….