The Safety of Danger

Written by: Emma Florez Art by: Izzy Dickey   The people I’ve met since starting at college have given me so much strength. My mind goes into spirals of fear when I’m alone, but when I’m surrounded by people who love and accept me unconditionally, I can be calm. Take the coronavirus, for example. Even... Continue Reading →

Turning 21 While Being Sober

Written by: Sammie Lee Wilhoit Art by: Izzy Dickey   By the time this is published, I will have turned 21. When I think of 21 as a milestone in life, I think of the glamorous Instagram posts of my friends at a bar with a glass of wine or beer or a fancy drink... Continue Reading →


Written by Sara Mayberry In honor of everything being so confusing in the world at this moment in time, we here at Chivomengro thought it would be nice to pop back in time and see what our horoscopes had in store for us in April 2019 (because who wants to hear about 2020 anymore, amirite). So... Continue Reading →

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