How to Have Minimally-Problematic Shower Sex

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Written by: Chiv’s Resident Sex Writer

Art by: Grace Monahan

Oh, shower sex! It’s one of those love it or hate it kinds of things, but all opinions aside, I think that everyone should at least try it three times. Why three? In case the first goes horrible, and you don’t have the proper equipment for the second. By your third time, you and your partner should be able to find a groove and determine whether or not you want to continue exploring the steamy jungle. 


Disclaimer: I have only engaged in heterosexual male-female shower sex, and cannot provide insight into anything other than that. 

The first time I tried getting dirty while cleaning up, I was set for failure. I had just gotten home from a nightmare trip, therefore I was jet-lagged and covered in airport guck. Despite this, I missed my S.O. and had a week of horniness clogging my pores.

If you are interested in fooling around with a shower buddy, you first need to understand that it is nothing like masturbating in the shower. Why? Because although some lubes are water-based, straight up water doesn’t work as lube. One more time for the people in the back: WATER DOES NOT WORK AS LUBE. 


One awesome water-based lube that I will endlessly recommend is linked here; this shit will make your shower sex smooth and silky, but it does need reapplication every so often if the shower stream is pointing on the fun stuff. Also, water-based lube is the only type you’re going to want if you’re using a condom (other types of lube degrade the rubber which can be problematic). The main takeaway here is that if you want to enjoy shower sex, lube is essential. 

Because of the environment, shower sex positions are limited. It’s pretty much unavoidable that some form of rear-entry will happen. Again, lube comes in really handy here! 

Other than lube, another critical part of shower sex is communication with your partner! If something isn’t working—be it a position or the water temperature—the only way to make it better is to talk about it. As with all sex, everyone likes different things, and you’ll never know what you like unless you try it!

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